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Jersey Designer Help                                                                                                                        

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Select the item you'd like to start designing by clicking on it

Select the color & size of your item. You can select the View Sizes text to see measurements (clothing only)

You have the option of putting a small name above the main name. You can choose to have that small name in the center or on the left side. Then type in the name you want. Then, choose a font for the names. Do the same with the number.

Next, you'll choose the color of the text and the color of the outline around the text. You cannot have the same color for both the text and the outline. The Neon colors (Pink & Green) can only be used for text colors.

If you choose a 2nd outline, it will be the same color as the text.

We take $3.00 off your print if you let us put our logo below the print.

The center image will display your design with rough dimensions of the final print.

(Jerseys only) You can add 1 sponsor logo to your jersey, you must read and accept the terms and conditions. If the image isn't large enough we will contact you through e-mail. The image will be 6" wide and placed on the front of the jersey.

(Jerseys only) You can also check how colors look on your jersey by taking a picture of your jersey and uploading it. The size of the prints will stay the same.

If you have the ability to apply the prints yourself such as access to a heat press (hand iron not recommended) then we can just mail the prints to you along with instructions. Just check this box if that is the case.
Then select your quantity and add to the cart.

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