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Custom Graphics Designer

Custom Graphics Designer

The Local Hero MX Graphics Builder is the easiest and most advanced application available anywhere. 1-minute quick help videos can help guide you through every feature.
Motocross Jersey Design

Motocross Jersey Design

More colors, fonts, and options than any other site and at half the cost. The designer will show you EXACTLY what your jersey will look like. 100% guaranteed not to fade in color or peel off the jersey. The print will look as good as the day you bought it long after the jersey has worn out.

Custom MX Graphics

Custom Jersey Designer

More fonts and colors than any other site and at half the cost. The materials have been tried and tested for years in all conditions.

Embroidered Hats & Beanies


We are very appreciative of our customers. Here’s what they are saying.

Local Hero Corporation

North Salt Lake, UT 84054

(833) LOCALHERO (562-2543)

We prefer e-mails over phone calls

  1. We talk to many customers each day across multiple websites and custom products are very detail oriented. Getting information confused over the phone can lead to your order being incorrect.

  2. Your details could be written down, but we can not search a piece of paper like an e-mail and it creates 2 places (paper or e-mail) where your order details could be.

  3. Images can not be sent over a phone conversation

  4. Misspellings are eliminated when they are written out by you

However, if you need to talk to us and don't want to use a computer. Call or text. We're available Monday - Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

  • (833)-LOCALHERO
  •                     (562-2543)

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