Local Hero | About
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Located in North Salt Lake, Utah, Local Hero strives to get riders noticed by creating customized graphics, jerseys, decals, and clothing at the same prices you’d get if you were already sponsored. While prices continue to rise, Local Hero has kept the same prices since 2004. Improving efficiency and reducing cost to save the customer from rising prices.


Local Hero staff rides and races. It helps keep us up on trends and new products. We've been providing customers with premium products since 2004.


Our advanced online designers are unrivaled. They bring the customer more customization than anywhere on the web. Our equipment has been carefully selected during our frequesnt visits to the SIGA print show each year.

Research & Development

The goal is Continous Improvement. That means we are never satisfied with the status quo. We've hired engineers in programming, design, and mechanics in order to strive to bring the customer a better product at a lower cost each day. A portion of every sale goes right back into Research & Development so we know first hand that our materials work.

Quick Printing & Delivery

Local Hero ships most items within 1-2 days, however, generally shipment of your order is measured in HOURS, not days.