Local Hero | FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept sponsorships?
At Local Hero we sell Quality Products at Sponsorship Prices. If you check our regular prices against the sponsored prices of other companies, you’ll find that ours are still lower for the same products. So you can consider yourself sponsored just by shopping here. No contracts, no minimums, no having to post results.
What is your Phone Number?
(833) LOCAL HERO  M-F 8am-4pm MST
(833) 563 2549

But we prefer e-mails for good reason:

  1. We talk to many customers each day across multiple websites and custom products are very detail oriented. Getting information confused over the phone can lead to your order being incorrect.
  2. Your details could be written down, but we can not search a piece of paper like an e-mail and it creates 2 places (paper or e-mail) where your order details could be.
  3. Images can not be sent over a phone conversation
  4. Misspellings are eliminated when they are written out by the customer
    We prefer e-mails over phone calls and we reply quickly to every E-mail. (link located on to top of the main page)
Where do I mail my jersey to?
If you’ve already placed your order, and need to mail your jersey to get it printed, Local Hero can accept it at the following mailing address:

Local Hero

1090 York

North Salt Lake, UT 84054

Can I get more/larger logos on my jersey?
Yes. If you wanted more logos than the designer will allow, or a larger/smaller logo, please e-mail us from the contact page. We could then discuss the logos, their size, and their placements.
Do you sell jerseys?
No, right now we only print on your jerseys. If you need to get a jersey, we recommend Rocky Mountain ATV. If you order a jersey from them, they will ship it to us and we get it the next day to print and ship to you. Just use this as your ship to address:

Local Hero

1090 York

North Salt Lake, 84054

An edge of my jersey print is peeling, what can I do?
It is rare, but in some instances the corners of your jersey print may stop adhering to the jersey. We recommend taking an iron (on high) and going over the area. If the problem still persists, we can fix it at any event we’ll be at or e-mail us and we will correct it for you.
How long to the MX Graphics take to make?
Typically 1-3 days. After the order is received, we will redraw the design and send it over to you for a confirmation. When we get the OK from you, we can print. Then it is laminated and cut. The whole process is quoted in 1-3 days but can sometimes be shipped in a matter of hours.
How thick are your graphics?
The graphics are quality 19 mil thick. But it is important to learn what that means to see if other companies are telling the truth.

1 mil = .001″. A human hair is about .002″ – .003″ or 2-3 mil

All graphics are printed on a sticker vinyl. Do not confuse the thickness of graphics with the stickiness (tack) of the vinyl. Thick graphics on bad vinyl still won’t stick as well. The thickness of the vinyl is inconsequential, but it is about 4.3 mil.

The design is printed on top of this (red layer) and the laminate is put over top. The laminate is the important number. We use 15 mil which is the industry standard for thick graphics. After they are put together, the result hovers around 19 mil because of the sticky later on the laminate. Companies try to save money by using thin laminate, but don’t be fooled, it will not protect as well or as long. Much thicker laminate (22 mil) will not conform to the curves of the plastics and will peel from the graphic.

Does my part NEED slits in the gas tank?
Yes (if you have a graphic on your gas tank), the gas in your tank will “breathe” just a little. The holes are to let gas escape from the tank. If there are no holes, the tank part will develop bubbles under the graphic. All tank graphics from Local Hero will have breather slits in them.
How are the prices for each Graphics kit calculated?
Each bike has different sized parts. While a part for 1 bike may be large, the same part for another bike could be small. To adjust for that, we have calculated the surface area of each sticker. Then, we set a total price based on the overall area of the full kit. Typically it is:


$35 Number Plates/$150 Full Kit for a BIG BIKE

$30 Number Plates/$125 Full Kit for a YOUTH BIKE

$25 Number Plates/$100 Full Kit for a PEEWEE BIKE


With these set overall prices, we can figure out what percentage each part is of the entire surface area and get a price.